COVID Baby blankets

The only upside of pandemic are all the new babies for 2021. I think babies remind us of the happiness and hope that we can have in our lives. Babies bring so much joy not just for the parents and grandparents but to the whole family and friends. I’ve found a lot of enjoyment knittingContinue reading “COVID Baby blankets”

Getting into the groove

GROOVE This word conjures up so many song titles- New York Groove Groove is in the Heart Don’t Disturb This Groove But in thinking of my knitting groove. I’ve taken some time off from knitting. I have a WIP and many other projects in the queue. I’ve explored some new hobbies from gardening, cooking, andContinue reading “Getting into the groove”

Knitting Squares

During my move of my craft room, I learned a new technique-the pin wheel cast-on.   Of course I had to practice it.  I started out making small squares that I was going to connect and make into a scarf.   I was working on the project while on a quick “sister trip” with ofContinue reading “Knitting Squares”

Can You Make—

Hello everyone-I don’t know how many times I’ve heard those words over the years.  Yes, I do enjoy making items as gifts but I prefer to do so on my terms.  The other day at work-one of my co-workers announced her pregnancy.  Great news until someone in the group pointed out that since another personContinue reading “Can You Make—”

New Sewing Project

It’s just too hot to knit so I’ve been planning on more sewing projects.  I’m currently making a tote bag from McCalls’ pattern M7611.  I’m using Moda Fabrics.   The body of the tote will be red with a solid blue bottom with the lining will be blue with white flowers.   See the pictureContinue reading “New Sewing Project”

The Bee Theme Continues

I’m still working on my guest room makeover. I’m keeping the bee theme with some more bee inspired pillow covers. This time they are honeycombs. Now that the accent pillows are done. I just have a few more updates to make with some pillowcases for the bed. Possibly a new duvet cover which would beContinue reading “The Bee Theme Continues”