Crafting during COVID

Although it has been a stressful time over the past few weeks, crafting has helped to deal with coping. I hope others are doing well. Sewing and knitting has helped to get through the past few days. I’ve been sewing face masks to wear and for a few friends and family. I have WIP knitting projects on hold.

I’ve picked up a few other new hobbies from homemade yogurt and creating a vegetable garden. I learned double knitting and how to make my own bias tape from fabric.

Knitting Squares

During my move of my craft room, I learned a new technique-the pin wheel cast-on.   Of course I had to practice it.  I started out making small squares that I was going to connect and make into a scarf.   I was working on the project while on a quick “sister trip” with of course my sister.  She really liked the yarn and color and mentioned that it would make a great hat.   The scarf was going to  be for her so at least I know she will like the yarn.  I’m frogging all of the squares to make her a hat.   I can still use the pin wheel cast-on but I will divide it differently.  Into six sections instead of four, it is a better fast knit so I should have the hat finished pretty quickly.   There is another stitch pattern I would like to try next so she will be getting a scarf as well.   I post some pictures of the project later this week.

The move of my craft room is pretty much completed so I will get back to sewing soon too.   I got so excited to learn a new technique that I put some other projects on hold.  I think we all get excited to learn a new technique that we didn’t know.  I like adding to my knitting knowledge by trying new techniques.   Some other items I want to try is knitting on the bias, fair isle and instarsia.   I remember listening to a podcast about project knitter vs process knitters.   The project knitters focused on making a specific project whereas the process knitter enjoyed the knitting mechanism of making an item.   I think I flow between the two depending on the situation.  If I making a gift, then I certainly a project knitter but if I trying to learn a new technique or method then I am process knitter.


I decided that I needed a larger space to handle all of my crafts.   At first, it felt overwhelming as to where I would store everything.   I finally came up with a solid solution but the move is not going as quickly as I would like.  I decided to move my home office to my sitting area in the master suite and move all of crafting items to my old office.   I keep my crafting supplies fairly neat so this isn’t the problem.  It is all of the years of documents and notebooks from the office is the challenge.  This is a good time to clean and trash many of these items.   In the meantime, I’ve put a hold on the tote bag.  But of course, I have to have a project so I’m working on knitting square.  The Staci Perry from Very Pink Knits demonstrated a pinhole cast-on.  The cast-on creates the square along with increase on alternating rows.  It is a quick knit and already I have some ideas for other projects. This will keep busy at night while I’m slowly moving the two rooms.


Tote progress

Hello. The tote bag is progressing along.  Here’s a quick peek at it so far. It is going to be a market bag for groceries. I’ve needed a large bag for shopping and I finally decided to make it.   I just need to add the lining, the straps for the bag and cover the cardboard bottom.  You can’t tell


Happy crafting Continue reading

Can You Make—

Hello everyone-I don’t know how many times I’ve heard those words over the years.  Yes, I do enjoy making items as gifts but I prefer to do so on my terms.  The other day at work-one of my co-workers announced her pregnancy.  Great news until someone in the group pointed out that since another person and I knitted and crocheted then  we could make her a baby blanket and sweater.  It was so nice to be volunteered-I hope you could feel the eye roll.   I don’t mind making her a gift what I do mind is being told what to make especially when I’m not in the mood to knit a sweater.   The other person already had a blanket in-progress.

I craft for relaxation and it stresses me out to be put on the spot to make something specific.  I’m not a machine.  How do you feel about being voluntered to make something whether it’s a sweater, gloves, hat etc?  Do you like being put on the spot?

For what it is worth, I told the person that I would probably make her something but I wasn’t sure exactly about the item yet.  I’m leaning toward a toy since I’ve never made one.  A blanket would be nice as well-a quick basket weave baby blanket pattern I have on stand by.  You can’t have too many blankets with little ones.   Who knows I may give in a knit the sweater. But I don’t think so.

Happy crafting

New Sewing Project

It’s just too hot to knit so I’ve been planning on more sewing projects.  I’m currently making a tote bag from McCalls’ pattern M7611.  I’m using Moda Fabrics.   The body of the tote will be red with a solid blue bottom with the lining will be blue with white flowers.   See the picture below.


I’ve been tracing the pattern on craft paper.  I will use some the pieces as interfacing since the paper will make the bag sturdy.


I still a few more pieces to trace before I start cutting out the pieces and start sewing.

Happy crafting.

The Bee Theme Continues

I’m still working on my guest room makeover. I’m keeping the bee theme with some more bee inspired pillow covers. This time they are honeycombs.

Now that the accent pillows are done. I just have a few more updates to make with some pillowcases for the bed. Possibly a new duvet cover which would be something new for me to try.

I think this is what I enjoy most about sewing and knitting that I can create something useful from being inspired.

I think I got into this bee theme since I’ve been working in the garden.

Happy crafting and gardening to everyone.

Completed Projects

Hello- I hope everyone is doing well. Ive had a chance to compete a few projects over the past couple of weeks. I make an accent pillow covers for the guest bedroom. I have two more to go. I used a simple pocket envelope style. I plan on using a French seaming for the other two pillow covers. I learned how to French seam recently and I like the finished edge it provides to a garment. I think it’s always important to learn a new technique to add to your skills.

I completed the cowl that it based on the Duetone cowl pattern. I just need to weave in the ends. I used a provisional cast on and knitted the piece flat.

I always thought that I liked large projects but doing smaller projects has an advantage. I can work on multiple projects. They travel better. Lastly, they are not as time consuming especially when you have a lot going on. I used my crafting as way to de-stress.

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by.


Busy Bee Pillowcase

I wanted to update my guest bedroom so I’m decided to make some pillowcases for the bed. I saw this bee fabric and couldn’t resist. I wanted a little whimsy to add into the room. I need to get more fabric to complete the second case. I was planning a different project when I noticed how nice the fabric would look in the room. I like to call this a happy accident. I hope that I’m not the only one who does this-changing a project after you come home. I really trying to be more deliberate in planning my projects. I can at least say my fabric stash is much smaller than my yarn stash. The pillow case is a basic French seamed pillowcase. It only took me two hours to complete. Also, I wanted to do a project with my new Singer sewing machine at least more than mending. It was a nice break from my knitting project.


There has been a lot going on with me over the past couple of weeks.    A close friend of mine just found out the her cancer has come back again for the third time.   Unfortunately, it has spread.   I wanted to spend some time with her as she has decided not to pursue treatment this time around.    I wanted to let her know that I supported her decision.   I haven’t spent much time doing any types of crafts.    I’ve spending some my free time with her and I don’t feel that motivated to do anything just yet.   I have some ideas of some projects.  I’ll get back into the groove when I ready.   Normally sewing or knitting relaxes me but I’m just not feeling relaxed but I feel like I’m trying to force things.   I’ve donated more yarn that I don’t want or feel that I will use.   As well as I been organizing my craft area.

I did get a chance to get my new sewing machine-the Singer Stylist 7258.   I did a quick test by hemming a jacket.  It worked get and I know that I’ll enjoy working it.     I have a couple of patterns that I want to sew.  As well as I need to fix a zipper in a skirt.   I thought I had a zipper in my stash but I need to get a matching zipper for the skirt.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time here today.