Rapid Fire Questions

Socks – toe up or cuff down? toe-up
Hats – top down or bottom up? top down
How do you hold the yarn when you knit – English or Continental? Continental
What do you prefer to do – Colorwork or Cables? Both
Favorite cast on? Long Tail Cast on
What kind of needles do you use more – DPNs or cabled needles (circular or interchangeable)? Interchangeable circulars
What kind of needles do you like more – wood, plastic or metal? wood generally, metal for lace
If you had to pick just one to use, which would it be – Animal fibers or Plant fibers? Animal fiber
Which do you like more – Cats or Dogs? both
Lunch time – soup, salad or sandwich? sandwich

The questions are were originally from the KnitPicks podcast. I wanted to answer for myself as it seem like alot of fun.

Give it a try for yourself.

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