Knitting Squares

During my move of my craft room, I learned a new technique-the pin wheel cast-on.   Of course I had to practice it.  I started out making small squares that I was going to connect and make into a scarf.   I was working on the project while on a quick “sister trip” with of course my sister.  She really liked the yarn and color and mentioned that it would make a great hat.   The scarf was going to  be for her so at least I know she will like the yarn.  I’m frogging all of the squares to make her a hat.   I can still use the pin wheel cast-on but I will divide it differently.  Into six sections instead of four, it is a better fast knit so I should have the hat finished pretty quickly.   There is another stitch pattern I would like to try next so she will be getting a scarf as well.   I post some pictures of the project later this week.

The move of my craft room is pretty much completed so I will get back to sewing soon too.   I got so excited to learn a new technique that I put some other projects on hold.  I think we all get excited to learn a new technique that we didn’t know.  I like adding to my knitting knowledge by trying new techniques.   Some other items I want to try is knitting on the bias, fair isle and instarsia.   I remember listening to a podcast about project knitter vs process knitters.   The project knitters focused on making a specific project whereas the process knitter enjoyed the knitting mechanism of making an item.   I think I flow between the two depending on the situation.  If I making a gift, then I certainly a project knitter but if I trying to learn a new technique or method then I am process knitter.

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