Getting into the groove


This word conjures up so many song titles-

New York Groove

Groove is in the Heart

Don’t Disturb This Groove

But in thinking of my knitting groove. I’ve taken some time off from knitting. I have a WIP and many other projects in the queue. I’ve explored some new hobbies from gardening, cooking, and rowing. I think with having to be at home. I wanted to do things that got me outdoors. I usually knit to unwind and always thought of myself as a solidarity person. I tried a zoom knitting meet-up and didn’t like it—more on this in another post.

So now I’m getting back into my knitting groove. I am finishing up my WIP sweater that has changed as I’ve started the project. The hardest for me is trying to find a new project. I had another sweater I wanted to knit, but now I wouldn’t say I like the pattern, so I’m trying to find something else to make with the yarn. The second time this has happened. Initially, I liked the pattern, but then the excitement left.

This time it was the pattern. It was not easy to follow, or it could be me. When it comes to knitting, I think I need both text and charts so I can see the pattern. In another post, I may explore charts and text

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