Knitting for Your Body Type-Part 1

I was going to start a new project-a sweater for myself. I went out on Ravelry to look at patterns. As I searching for a sweater. I started to notice something, I would like a sweater.  But after reviewing the project page, I would notice the  sweater wouldn’t look flattering when worn. So I began to wonder if the sweater wasn’t right for that person’s body type. I have some sweaters that I love to wear after knitting and some that I just don’t care for even though I followed the pattern. I remembered a show “What Not to Wear”.  You may remember it-Clinton Kelly and Stacey London were the host.  The show came on Friday night.  I started thinking about body types. I started searching to see if there was any information about knitting or crocheting for your body type. I was able to find a book at the my local library-I love my library. “Knit to Flatter” by Amy Herzog was a book I found. I followed the steps on how to determine your body. You’re instructed to take a picture of yourself front and side view. This will help you see areas to emphasize and deemphasize. Also, you should be able to tell what is widest area i.e top, bottom or proportional etc. I wasn’t surprised to find out that I was bottom-heavy. Next you take your measurements. This is a critical part knowing your actual measurements will help in making your modifications. A good point from the book was it may be best to use your upper bust measurements in determining what size sweater to make when instead of your bust measurements. I haven’t read the entire book as I skipped the sections for top-heavy and proportional since they didn’t apply to me and went straight to the bottom-heavy section.

Below-I copied a page from the book on what measurements.  You may need a friend to help.     Also you should take your bicep and wrist measurements.

Copied from the book Knit to flatter

Baby Gift Finished

I finally finished my baby gift. The cardigan has the gulls and garter pattern as part of the design. I found the stitch pattern on the Lion Brand stitch pattern library. There was something about the pattern caught my attention. I knitted a swatch and was looking for a project that would be perfect. The Cloudborn variegated yarn Strawberry Fields was in my stash for a couple of years and everything just clicked. Although, I’ve created other patterns before this may be the first project I post on either Ravelry or LoveKnitting.

I’m working on cleaning up the pattern and I want to re-knit it in a smaller size. The gulls and garter stitch was so easy to knit. The repeat is so easy that you can remember it and watch a movie while knitting.

My FO (finished object)

I hope everyone is enjoying November. If you are getting together with friends and family for the holidays, please enjoy the time spent together

I completed the Nimbus cardigan last week and even worn it a coup,e of times. I want to knit this pattern again but the next time I plan to make it longer at least below my hips. I may add a lining to it as well. I just added a photo.

I started the baby gift. It will be a cardigan as well but I’m using some slip stitches for the body since my yarn is variegated. I hope to have some pictures soon.

Yarn and yarn dilemmas

I have to admit I enjoy buying yarn. When I first started knitting and crocheting, I brought yarn even if I didn’t have a project in mind. I just enjoyed shopping for yarn-the color and the feel of the yarn between my fingers. Hey-I even like the smell. My stash starting growing just four baskets. So by any means, this is not an extremely large stash but none the less, I wanted to get better control of my projects. I’ve been thinking of the color schemes. I normally wear grey and burgundy in the fall and winter. I wear blue and red in the spring and summer. I’ve trying to add these colors into my knitting and crocheting projects. A lot of the yarn in my stash is not in my color scheme. This is one reason why I’m busting my stash. My second reason, I am thinking about the yarn fibers as well especially when acrylic is added to fiber. At times, I’ve noticed less give when working with the yarn. I am trying to get rid of some of these yarns. I have been creating some gifts for others. I’m not making any judgements for those who use acrylic or fibers mixed with acrylic. I trying to learn more about mircofibers released during the washing process. In addition I’m on the fence about superwash yarn. Superwash yarn can be made either by using an acid bath or having a polymer added. Lastly, I trying to purchase yarns that are either spun locally or at least purchased at a local yarn shop.

I want to be more conscious about my purchases from how the yarn is processed and trying to support local businesses. I want to restart my stash if yarns that I feel more comfortable creating projects.

Drum roll please-I completed by Nimbus cardigan. Pictures will follow soon.

Trusting Your Instincts

Hello friends-I’m still working my Nimbus cardigan. I have to finish it this week. I really have to get started on the baby gift. Especially since the baby was born two weeks early. Thankfully, both mother and baby are fine and my friend is enjoying her new daughter.

But let me get back to my topic-trusting your instincts. When I first got back into crafting, I would follow patterns exactly and if there was an error I wouldn’t be able to proceed. I remember a pattern that I was trying to knit and there was a error with the yarn over increases but no decreases. I wasn’t able to finish the pattern, although based on the reviews of the pattern others were able to complete it. It boiled down to the other knitters trusted their instincts based on other patterns and skills they developing. Now when I encounter a problem with a pattern instructions, I can now determine how to fix the problem. At times I will modify a patterns. This comes down will developing your skills and confidence in trusting your instincts. I feel this is a continuum as we try different techniques. In thinking about that pattern, I may revisit it next year.

Either you are a knitting or crocheting, trusting your instincts can help to improve your creativity in allowing your personality to show through in your project.

Wednesday Wrap Up

Hello friends-I am almost complete with my Nimbus cardigan.  I’ve seamed the front sides and back of cardigan so far so good.  I really worked on getting the gauge correct especially since I didn’t use the same yarn as the designer.   Gauge is is either something you put up with or clearly dislike.   I feel that one way to improve your knitting is try things that you aren’t comfortable with doing.   I have a knitting and crocheting bucket list and gauge was at the top of both.

I’m a planner so I already thinking about projects for next year.  Below are  some my items for 2019:

  • Strand and steeking
  • bias knitting
  • double knitting
  • creating a wardrobe
  • brioche
  • gloves

What are some items on your knitting bucket list?  Please leave a response.

Here’s a update of the cardigan.  Although, the gauge is correct for the body of the cardigan.  I will make adjustments are the arms.  I have trouble with fit especially my upper arms-I have muscular arms.  I increased the armholes for the body and now I have to adjust the pattern for the sleeves.  I will have to add additional stitches so I have to do some math based on the armhole openings.  I count every 3rd stitch along the bind of edge.  I’ve calculated that I need to cast on 66 stitches for sleeves.   I’ve done this in the past for other sweaters.  This is something that I’ve come up with for sleeve adjustments.  There are probably other ways to make adjustments on sweaters so please comment if you have another way.  I’m always interested in trying a different technique.


Friday Night Update-WIP

Hello thanks for stopping by again.   I realize that I’m a seasonal knitter.  Warn snuggly knits for the fall and winter and cool flowing knits for the sspring and summer.   I got a few WIPs on needles.   My primary project is the Nimbus cardigan by Berroco Designs. It was has been easy to knit, there is a 4 inch border of garter stitch and the body is stockinette. This is my first time that I will seam a sweater just six pieces-back, left and right front, sleeves and a collar.  I’ve knitted other sweaters and cardigans before but always in a Ragland or top down.   The yarn I’m using Cascade Ecological Yarn in silver colorway.  I’ve used this yarn for another project so I enjoy working with it.  I should have enough left over of another small project.   I brought the yarn before I choose the project.  I can’t help it.  I go to store and the yarn just starts calling my name.  but I don’t think I’m the only one that has this happen to them.   I’ve noticed that I am gravitating  to grey/silver.

I have a baby gift that I need to complete before the baby arrives.  I trying to work through my stash.  I’m thinking of using Cloudborn Highland Superwash Sock Twist Handpaints in the strawberry fields colorway.   I realized that some of the yarn in my stash is not my color choice.  Either the colors though pretty are not necessarily my color choice.  This is bright a cheery color that all babies need.  Although, the sweater will be a Ragland.  I can’t decide if I want to use some lace detail or let the striping be the star.

So what are WIP, please share and come stop by again.