I decided that I needed a larger space to handle all of my crafts.   At first, it felt overwhelming as to where I would store everything.   I finally came up with a solid solution but the move is not going as quickly as I would like.  I decided to move my home office to my sitting area in the master suite and move all of crafting items to my old office.   I keep my crafting supplies fairly neat so this isn’t the problem.  It is all of the years of documents and notebooks from the office is the challenge.  This is a good time to clean and trash many of these items.   In the meantime, I’ve put a hold on the tote bag.  But of course, I have to have a project so I’m working on knitting square.  The Staci Perry from Very Pink Knits demonstrated a pinhole cast-on.  The cast-on creates the square along with increase on alternating rows.  It is a quick knit and already I have some ideas for other projects. This will keep busy at night while I’m slowly moving the two rooms.


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