Can You Make—

Hello everyone-I don’t know how many times I’ve heard those words over the years.  Yes, I do enjoy making items as gifts but I prefer to do so on my terms.  The other day at work-one of my co-workers announced her pregnancy.  Great news until someone in the group pointed out that since another person and I knitted and crocheted then  we could make her a baby blanket and sweater.  It was so nice to be volunteered-I hope you could feel the eye roll.   I don’t mind making her a gift what I do mind is being told what to make especially when I’m not in the mood to knit a sweater.   The other person already had a blanket in-progress.

I craft for relaxation and it stresses me out to be put on the spot to make something specific.  I’m not a machine.  How do you feel about being voluntered to make something whether it’s a sweater, gloves, hat etc?  Do you like being put on the spot?

For what it is worth, I told the person that I would probably make her something but I wasn’t sure exactly about the item yet.  I’m leaning toward a toy since I’ve never made one.  A blanket would be nice as well-a quick basket weave baby blanket pattern I have on stand by.  You can’t have too many blankets with little ones.   Who knows I may give in a knit the sweater. But I don’t think so.

Happy crafting

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