It’s been awhile

Yes-it has been a while since the last post. But I haven’t stop knitting. There has even been some sewing. Knitting has helped me remain calm and added some balance to my life so although I was posting I was still knitting. It really is stress relief. For me at least, it is the idea of taking some yarn to create fabric that will become a finished item. I didn’t even take pictures of some of my knitting and some I frogged as I didn’t like the finished the project. Someone said the other day, any mistake made in knitting can always be corrected.

I’ve been thinking of ways to add to my knitting experience with a little designing and learning how to read charts. The chart reading has been interesting since it is new but I found an easy design to try. The pattern is the Diamond Mosaic Washcloth though I am not knitting a washcloth but a scarf. I know what a way to dive in with a modification to a pattern. Learning to read a chart could open up more knitting due to the pattern having written instructions in another language along with a chart. Or the pattern has a chart only. The patterns are amazing.

The designing has been nice as well, a couple of simple scarf patterns but nothing posted to Ravelry or some other knitting pattern site. I would like to expand my knitting into other ventures. I just haven’t decided what is the next step. But I know it won’t happen until I do something.

I will have to post some pictures of my current project the next time I post. I’m ready to complete this one so I can get back to my Diamond Mosaic scarf.

Until next time

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