COVID Baby blankets

The only upside of pandemic are all the new babies for 2021. I think babies remind us of the happiness and hope that we can have in our lives. Babies bring so much joy not just for the parents and grandparents but to the whole family and friends. I’ve found a lot of enjoyment knitting baby blankets. The Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi blanket is not only a easy knit but it is easy to make variations to it. The Pinwheel blanket-found on Raverly.

I didn’t think knitting a blanket in the round could be a fast or easy. I’m off to start my next blanket.

It will another variation of the Elizabeth Zimmerman PI blanket. I’m just learned how to make bobbles in the round. So I want to add this technique into this blanket. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been knitting it’s always great to learn a new technique. I knew how to make a bobble flat which is different from how you do so in the round. I kept getting gaps when I tried making them the way I have in flat work. I was able to go watch a video on YouTube by Black Crow Knits that helped. I frogged and starting over so I can’t wait to post the progress or the completed blanket. I want to add a design or something different to make it unique.

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