Knitting for Your Body Type-Part 2

I’m continuing with my goal of improving my sweater knitting. I finished Amy Herzog’s book Knit to Flatter. I was able to get some good pointers. I’ve taken my measurements, found how to make adjustments such as short rows for the bust either vertical or horizontal. Since I’m bottom-heavy ways to add additional stitches to the pattern. Now I’ve started another book by Amy Herzog-Knit Wear Love. This book although it is not considered a companion to her first book really does build on the previous information. You learn about you style such modern romantic etc. She provides 8 “meta-patterns”. The geek in me likes the idea of a meta since it provides a concept for something. You take your personal measurements obtained from the first book and apply to the sweaters. You create your neck-line, sleeve length and where you need to make adjustments to the schematics present. You also can knit the sweaters in three different weight sport,dk or aran. I really like the options. There is section on how to add stitch patterns like cables or slipped stitches. Although, I haven’t finished the book yet. The other geeky thing I like is applying math to create a something. This is something that I was doing to certain p,aces in my knitting but now I feel that I have the tools and correct thought process to apply it better. This may be one that I add to my personal library. I was able to check out both books in the library. I know that I will check out her third book-You Can Knit Foolproof Instructions for Sweating Making.

Currently on my needles is a wrap the pattern is by Patons-Textured Wrap. I’ve had stop for a while since I injured my hand, I had a run in with a door at work. I hope to get back to it soon. In the meantime between reading, I’ve been doing some hand sewing. I’ve put off doing some minor mending projects since I only need on hand it seemed like a good time to catchup. I’ve had time to do some planning-I’ve been looking at seed catalogs to plan for the garden in the spring and summer. I’ve had a chance to think about crafting plans for 2019. The big one is a new sewing machine. Here’s a picture of the wrap. I’m using Plymouth Select yarn. The first skeins were fine but the fourth skein had knots and strand had been broken in two places and rejoined. I wouldn’t have seen while winding it but I found them in the middle of my knitting. I can hide them but it was not what I expected. I’ve included the “joins”

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