Knitting for Your Body Type-Part 1

I was going to start a new project-a sweater for myself. I went out on Ravelry to look at patterns. As I searching for a sweater. I started to notice something, I would like a sweater.  But after reviewing the project page, I would notice the  sweater wouldn’t look flattering when worn. So I began to wonder if the sweater wasn’t right for that person’s body type. I have some sweaters that I love to wear after knitting and some that I just don’t care for even though I followed the pattern. I remembered a show “What Not to Wear”.  You may remember it-Clinton Kelly and Stacey London were the host.  The show came on Friday night.  I started thinking about body types. I started searching to see if there was any information about knitting or crocheting for your body type. I was able to find a book at the my local library-I love my library. “Knit to Flatter” by Amy Herzog was a book I found. I followed the steps on how to determine your body. You’re instructed to take a picture of yourself front and side view. This will help you see areas to emphasize and deemphasize. Also, you should be able to tell what is widest area i.e top, bottom or proportional etc. I wasn’t surprised to find out that I was bottom-heavy. Next you take your measurements. This is a critical part knowing your actual measurements will help in making your modifications. A good point from the book was it may be best to use your upper bust measurements in determining what size sweater to make when instead of your bust measurements. I haven’t read the entire book as I skipped the sections for top-heavy and proportional since they didn’t apply to me and went straight to the bottom-heavy section.

Below-I copied a page from the book on what measurements.  You may need a friend to help.     Also you should take your bicep and wrist measurements.

Copied from the book Knit to flatter

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