There has been a lot going on with me over the past couple of weeks.    A close friend of mine just found out the her cancer has come back again for the third time.   Unfortunately, it has spread.   I wanted to spend some time with her as she has decided not to pursue treatment this time around.    I wanted to let her know that I supported her decision.   I haven’t spent much time doing any types of crafts.    I’ve spending some my free time with her and I don’t feel that motivated to do anything just yet.   I have some ideas of some projects.  I’ll get back into the groove when I ready.   Normally sewing or knitting relaxes me but I’m just not feeling relaxed but I feel like I’m trying to force things.   I’ve donated more yarn that I don’t want or feel that I will use.   As well as I been organizing my craft area.

I did get a chance to get my new sewing machine-the Singer Stylist 7258.   I did a quick test by hemming a jacket.  It worked get and I know that I’ll enjoy working it.     I have a couple of patterns that I want to sew.  As well as I need to fix a zipper in a skirt.   I thought I had a zipper in my stash but I need to get a matching zipper for the skirt.

Thank you for stopping by and spending some time here today.

Sewing Machine “Quest”

The past few weeks I have been on a “quest” to find a new sewing machine.  It truly feels like a quest.   My first sewing machine, I brought was about 15 or more years ago.   I didn’t put much thought into buying it.   I was in Target and saw they had Singer sewing machines and made the purchase.   Both my mother and grandmother had Singer sewing machines so that was how I based my decision.    It was a very basic mechanical sewing machines.  I did two types of buttonholes and had 5 stitches to choose to use.   I probably with taxes paid around $90.  It was good learning sewing machine no bells or whistles.    Fast forward today- I can’t make a decision.  I’m probably overthinking it -correction I am overthinking this.   I’ve read so many reviews on various sewing machines that I’m having trouble trying to decide.    I know that will at least be electronic.    My reasonable self keeps saying don’t over buy features that I will probably not use.  Here’s the list in no particular order:

  • Singer Stylist: 100 stitches with 9 presser feet.   It priced well and great reviews. It was very nice.  I questioned if I would use all 100 stitches.  Free motion sewing capable.
  • Singer Confidence: 30 stitches with 5 presser feet.   It felt solid to use in testing it.
  • Brother CS7130: 130 stitches with 8 presser feet.   The best priced and I was surprised that I liked it.
  • Brother XS2100: 100 stitches with 11 presser feet.  It was very similar feel as the other CS7130.   Alpha-numeric lettering feature.
  • Brother XR9550PRW: 110 stitches with 8 presser feet (I think, I didn’t write it down).  This is limited edition.   It had a user friendly feel as well. Alpha lettering feature.
  • Singer Sew Mate:  30 stitches and 3 presser feet.   Although this one was very basic it was a very easier to use machine.   No bells or whistles as the others but it was more advance than my first sewing machine.   The shop called it an entry level but I could see it lasting for a few years.  It felt more like my first Singer.  But I forgot to ask if a free motion presser foot could be used with this machine.

I want a better sewing than the first one I brought without breaking the bank.  I was surprised that I liked the Brother sewing machines.  One of the features that I wanted as free motioning sewing which the Stylist and two of the Brother sewing machines can do.   Until I saw it, the alpha numeric lettering had not been important to me.   I could learn how to do free motion monogramming the Stylist can do this.  I think what is holding me back is that I’ve never used a Brother sewing machine.   Plus I had good success with a Singer sewing machine.  Everything that I have read the Brother sewing machines are rated very well.   I plan on in a couple of years to add embroidery sewing machine.   In part of my quest to find a sewing machine, I noticed that many people had at least two or three machines.   I should do this as well, at one very basic and then an embroidery machine.   I may just buy the Sew Mate and make it my basic and then add something like the Stylist later.   I haven’t brought it yet I hope to make my mind up by the end of this week.