Yarn and yarn dilemmas

I have to admit I enjoy buying yarn. When I first started knitting and crocheting, I brought yarn even if I didn’t have a project in mind. I just enjoyed shopping for yarn-the color and the feel of the yarn between my fingers. Hey-I even like the smell. My stash starting growing just four baskets. So by any means, this is not an extremely large stash but none the less, I wanted to get better control of my projects. I’ve been thinking of the color schemes. I normally wear grey and burgundy in the fall and winter. I wear blue and red in the spring and summer. I’ve trying to add these colors into my knitting and crocheting projects. A lot of the yarn in my stash is not in my color scheme. This is one reason why I’m busting my stash. My second reason, I am thinking about the yarn fibers as well especially when acrylic is added to fiber. At times, I’ve noticed less give when working with the yarn. I am trying to get rid of some of these yarns. I have been creating some gifts for others. I’m not making any judgements for those who use acrylic or fibers mixed with acrylic. I trying to learn more about mircofibers released during the washing process. In addition I’m on the fence about superwash yarn. Superwash yarn can be made either by using an acid bath or having a polymer added. Lastly, I trying to purchase yarns that are either spun locally or at least purchased at a local yarn shop.

I want to be more conscious about my purchases from how the yarn is processed and trying to support local businesses. I want to restart my stash if yarns that I feel more comfortable creating projects.

Drum roll please-I completed by Nimbus cardigan. Pictures will follow soon.

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