Trusting Your Instincts

Hello friends-I’m still working my Nimbus cardigan. I have to finish it this week. I really have to get started on the baby gift. Especially since the baby was born two weeks early. Thankfully, both mother and baby are fine and my friend is enjoying her new daughter.

But let me get back to my topic-trusting your instincts. When I first got back into crafting, I would follow patterns exactly and if there was an error I wouldn’t be able to proceed. I remember a pattern that I was trying to knit and there was a error with the yarn over increases but no decreases. I wasn’t able to finish the pattern, although based on the reviews of the pattern others were able to complete it. It boiled down to the other knitters trusted their instincts based on other patterns and skills they developing. Now when I encounter a problem with a pattern instructions, I can now determine how to fix the problem. At times I will modify a patterns. This comes down will developing your skills and confidence in trusting your instincts. I feel this is a continuum as we try different techniques. In thinking about that pattern, I may revisit it next year.

Either you are a knitting or crocheting, trusting your instincts can help to improve your creativity in allowing your personality to show through in your project.

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